Chalk Paint Techniques

How To Transform Your Home's Existing Decor

Versatile Decorating

Chalk paint has so many different uses in and around the house when you learn how you can use it. If you picture yourself simply painting with a brush, you have only just started to learn. Once you’ve gotten all the basics and have found the colors of your choice, see about trying out some of these great painting techniques.

Endless Colors

Not only does chalk paint come in a variety of different colors, but you will also find that they mix quite well to create new colors. When mixing colors, you may find it helpful to add a bit of water to smooth out the texture. Remember to start with a small amount and then check it, as you can always add more water later.

Filling Imperfections

You can really fill out the crevices in any object you are painting when you allow the chalk paint to thicken and then mix in some clear soft wax. Once a surface you are painting is fully covered with the mixture, you can easily wipe it away until you get the look you want or repeat the procedure if necessary.

Smoothing It Out

In order to achieve a smooth finish, start off by sanding out any unwanted textures from the surface to be painted. Then, once the paint is thinned out with the right amount of water, the paint should be applied in the direction of the grain. Once dry, you can then work clear soft wax into the surface.

See What You Can Do

These are just a few of the techniques you can use to color up your living environment around your home. Chalk paint is becoming more popular and easier to find. We found a Houston chalk paint vendor who created her own paint. Once you have your color choices, play around with it to see what you can do.